Our partner Patryk Walaszczyk from IBM joined CoinGeek’s Charles Miller to sit down for an in-depth discussion on their role in developing the project ‘Sentinel Node’. The Certihash project is the first blockchain-powered cybersecurity detection tool based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework.

Through this partnership, IBM intends to explore and solidify the use of BSV Blockchain for enterprise-grade solutions.

“We see the possibility to enter into the Web3 ecosystem and BSV Blockchain is one of our choices because we saw the potential in the technology including its high performance, scalability and low transaction fees which will enable us to create enterprise-grade solutions”

The interview continues and Patryk explains that through the partnership IBM is learning what it truly means to be an agile company. Typically big enterprises work by using the waterfall method of development, going from stage to stage. Certihash is approaching the Sentinel Node project using the agile methodology, allowing for creativity, feedback, and adjustments throughout the process. 

“They (Certihash) are truly an agile company, and we are getting knowledge from them on how we should approach agility in a real way. Every company today says that they are agile; however, it is not true at all. They are trying to be agile; however, to learn to be agile, you have to cooperate with the companies who really understand how agility works.” – Patryk Walaszczyk

To watch the full interview, click the video below.