CoinGeek is looking back at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention, highlighting five talking points, and Certihash made the list. On day three of the conference Greg Ward, co-founder of Certihash, and Patryk Walaszczyk, a blockchain solution expert at IBM Consulting, presented on the development of the project Sentinel Node, a cybersecurity detection tool based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework. 

“IBM and Certihash are in the process of creating and developing the Sentinel Node, a suite of tools on Bitcoin SV that could revolutionize cybersecurity. It will work by immutably recording access logs while simultaneously alerting system administration upon a breach or anomaly.” – CoinGeek

Additionally, through the partnership, IBM is learning what it truly means to be an agile company. Typically big enterprises work by using the waterfall method of development, going from stage to stage. Certihash is approaching the Sentinel Node project using the agile methodology, allowing for creativity, feedback, and adjustments throughout the process. 

“They (Certihash) are truly an agile company, and we are getting knowledge from them on how we should approach agility in a real way. Every company today says that they are agile; however, it is not true at all. They are trying to be agile; however, to learn to be agile, you have to cooperate with the companies who really understand how agility works.” – Patryk Walaszczyk

The presentation not only excited the crowd for the ‘Sentinel Node’ project itself, but also because the partnership is an exciting signal of adoption for BSV Blockchain as an enterprise-grade solution. 

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