Certihash Presents at BSV Global Blockchain Convention

On day three of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai, Certihash Co-founder, Gregory Ward, and IBM Blockchain Solutions Expert, Patryk Walaszczyk, presented on the project ‘Sentinel Node’.

Patryk of IBM Poland joined Greg for an insightful presentation explaining the use case for their project, Sentinel Node. Certihash will be creating an enterprise suite of cybersecurity solutions with Sentinel Node being the first of five planned releases, representing an innovative solution for real-time detection of network anomalies and events.

Sentinel Node is based on the detection pillar of the NIST security framework and will significantly reduce breach detection times from an average of 212 to virtually instant.

To watch the full presentation click the video below.

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CoinGeek Features Certihash & IBM Announcement

“A new BSV blockchain-based service promises to reduce both the costs and time associated with cyberattacks. “Sentinel Node,” the first offering from Certihash, is being developed in association with IBM Consulting with plans to deploy in industries where network and data security matter most.

Certihash co-creator Bryan Daugherty said that data security breaches are occurring with greater intensity and frequency, and the time required to detect and contain their fallout is becoming ever longer. A report from Ponemon titled “Cost of a Data Breach,” sponsored by IBM, said it takes 287 days on average to handle a breach—including 212 days to identify the issue and 75 days to contain the damage.”

To read the complete article written by Jon Southurst of CoingGeek, click the link below.

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Certihash IBM Partnership Mentioned by Yahoo Finance

Today Yahoo Finance featured the exciting announcement by Certihash, that they will be partnering with IBM in order to develop their product ‘Sentinel Node’. Sentinel Node is the first of five cybersecurity tools and is based on the detection portion of the NIST security framework.

“Today, Certihash is pleased to announce a project to develop “Sentinel Node”, the first of a suite of five blockchain-empowered enterprise utility applications, based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework.

Certihash selected IBM Consulting to assist with the software design and development. As part of this project, IBM Consulting will use a proven network design framework and draw from their vast experience in delivering decentralized applications to enterprises, to work on state of the art decentralized cybersecurity infrastructure.”

To read the full article by Yahoo Finance click the link below:

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